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About Solar Fire

Solar Fire is the world’s leading astrology software for Windows! (Your Mac and Windows tablets running Windows 8 Pro will also run Solar Fire!) Solar Fire contains something for everyone. It’s designed for both novice and expert astrologers, and makes it easy to quickly produce high-quality charts.

  • For Advanced Astrologers and professionals, Solar Fire has a great variety of high-precision astrological calculations and an exceptional degree of user-customization.
  • For Novices, Solar Fire’s innovative point-and-click chart interpretations provide an enjoyable way to learn. Its many easily-explored options are an invitation to experiment with new techniques.

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System Requirements

What's New in v.9

Major Features

  • Lunar gardening calendar
  • Primary Directions (in Dynamic Reports)

- Primary Mundane / Primary Zodiacal options
- Placidus or Regiomontanus methods for computing directions
- New rate keys
- Classical or Modern definitions of Converse

  • Zodiacal Releasings (in Reports, Current Chart, Tabulations)
  • Graphing financial data in Graphical Ephemeris (“Import Financial Data” button in Ephemeris Selection screen)
  • Chart file merging


Minor features

  • Interpretation files added for solar returns and Charubel
  • Email features (such as mailing a chart, email registration, email technical support) have been extended to work with non-MAPI email systems
  • Major improvements to Page Designer and Page Browser
  • Major improvements to Eclipse Report
  • Whole Sign (Part of Fortune) House System
  • Toolbar toggle button to switch between Geocentric and Heliocentric
  • New, improved icons for the Solar Fire suite of programs, such as the Page Designer and the Planetarium
  • New symbols for Salacia, Orcus, Vulcano, Galactic Center and Super Galactic Center
  • Four New Wheel Styles
  • Over 300 new Chart Files: Horse Racing, Politics, Entertainment, Royalty, Australian charts and more
  • New Background screen option
  • And more!


Solar Maps Features

  • You can now save a map image as a JPG (in Charts / Copy Image To…)
  • Support for more displayed points from Solar Fire (such as Selena, Sedna, and Eris)
  • Clicking on a point in “Relocate” mode will automatically display the relocated chart
  • Viewport navigation has been substantially improved
  • New “Paran” command mode
  • New “Options / Enable Chart Angles” menu item to enable display of a chart’s Ascendant, Midheaven, Vertex, and Part of Fortune (normally not displayed in Solar Maps)
  • And more!


Detailed explanation of all new features in v9 (PDF, 380KB)

Basic Features
Solar Fire’s capabilities include natal, progression, directed, any planet or asteroid return, pre-natal, rising/setting, lunar phase, locality, heliocentric, composite, harmonic and harmonic arc transform charts and more…

Solar Fire Intro Page Screenshot

Manage Your Charts

  • Saved charts are simple to find
  • Group charts any way you like
  • Solar Fire can quickly find any chart you’ve saved

Solar Fire Chart Management Screenshot

Customize Your Wheels

  • An exciting new array of wheels, from maximally readable to maximally colorful and exotic
  • Unique, innovative Wheel Designer lets you easily design your own wheels
  • An assortment of page designs to suit your needs
  • Chart Art: 110+ beautiful backdrops for your chart work

Colorful Examples of Solar Fire Chart Art

Other Solar Fire Features

  • 50 Standard Planets & Points
  • 30 House Systems
  • Fantastic Aspect Support: 26 predefined aspects. You can create and store an unlimited number of different aspect sets for different purposes.
  • Solar Encyclopedia combines the best of Devores’ Encyclopedia with added Solar Fire definitions.
  • Ingress, Lunar-phase, Rise/Set, and Return Charts
  • Birthday Pop-Up Reminder
  • Chart Date: 2000+ Rodden-rated charts in categories including Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Literature, Corporate, Science, Infamous and more.
  • Writers and editors can easily send both graphics and text to word processing and DTP programs. Professionals can send some or all of the 20-odd pages of interpretations on each chart to a word processor as a starting-point for an individualized written interpretation. They can also rewrite the text database itself. Novices will find the point-and-click and hit list interpretations a delightful way to learn. You can also link directly to the illustrated range of purpose-built Solar Writer report writers (as well as other professional astrology tools).

Natal, Synastry, Transiting, Progressed, and Firdaria Interpretations by Stephanie Johnson. Pop-up interpretations of individual aspects and other factors by clicking on planets and other items in the chart wheel or hitlist. You can also view, edit and print complete multi-page reports through your favorite word processor. If you wish, you can put your own stamp on the interpretations by rewriting and adding to the text database itself. Also included: Midpoint Interpretations and Sabian Oracle and Sabian Natal Interpretations text.

Solar Fire Interpretations Chart Example of Leonardo Dicaprio

Solar Fire’s 25 – 50-page Natal Report includes short paragraphs about a very wide variety of factors — not only planets in signs, houses and aspects, but also in degrees (Sabian Symbol and Ebertin-style medical meaning), decanates, elements, modes, quadrants and hemispheres. There is also text about house cusps, dispositors, rays, and lunar phases. Also, there are now Sign and House interpretations for Chiron, Eris, Sedna, Selena and the 6 standard asteroids, and aspect interps for Chiron.

The 18-page (approx) Synastry Report is a comprehensive interpretation of the relationship between the planets in two people’s charts. It is written mainly from the perspective of a romantic attachment but can shed light on other types of relationships.

Solar Fire also contains comprehensive interpretations reports for Transits and Progressions.

Time Map graphs and graphic ephemeris, with great sorting capabilities. Dynamic lists and return charts too.

The Planet of Electional Search: Search through your chart files one at a time to discover charts with similar features. Look for planets in the same signs, house, aspects and/or position. The powerful time search capability enables you to use a wide range of astrological criteria and chart data criteria.

Solar Fire Dynamic Calendar Screenshot

Calendar: See your personal and/or daily transits and interpretations in the elegantly designed Calendar. Easily and quickly display any dynamic report in calendar format, for a day, week or month at a time. Print your Solar Calendar or email it to your family, friends or clients. Your interpretations can be shown as popup hint bubbles, or as a separate report. The Calendar can also produce a PDF file and then easily exported as calendar events into other calendar programs such as MS Outlook, or any calendar application compatible with the iCalendar or vCalendar formats.

Forecasting Charts: cast all types and variations of forecasting charts and save them for future use. This includes a huge variety of Transiting Charts, Progressed Charts, and Directed Charts.

  • Return Charts include returns of the Sun, Moon or any planet or standard asteroid to its natal or any other specified position.
  • Lunar-Phase Charts include progressed and transiting lunar phases, eclipses, phase returns, and Pessin lunar phase families.
  • Animated Charts let you put natal and forecasting charts on the same multi-wheel, and then click forward or back in time to watch the changes in the transiting, progressed and/or directed (and even profected) planets and aspects.
  • A Real-Time Chart shows you a wheel or page with constantly updating current planetary positions.

Dynamic Hit lists are extraordinarily flexible and complete in Solar Fire Gold. You can do transits, progressions, arc directions, sign and house ingresses, stations, eclipses and more!

Solar Fire Forecasting Screenshot

For more information about a hit, you can click on it to see other instances of the transit, a paragraph of interpretation, or a full chart wheel for the moment.

Dynamic Interpretation Reports: In addition, for the entire period covered by the hit list, you can view and print a multi-page transiting and/or progressed interpretation report.

Time Maps show the whole hitlist in graphic form. Using a horizontal bar to indicate the duration of each event, these graphs make it easy to visualize how the transits, progressions, directions, and other events overlap in time.

Solar Fire Forecasting Time Map Screenshot

Graphic Ephemerides: Ebertin-style graphs of planetary motion give you an additional way to make sense of transits, progressions or directions.

Solar Fire Forecasting Graphic Ephemerides Screenshot

In Solar Fire Gold you can move the cursor to see the exact date and zodiacal degree of any point on the graph. Even better, you are free to scroll these graphs forward and back in time as much as you wish without needing to return to the selection screen.

Solar Fire contains all of the features that you would like for your relationship astrology work – Synastry Grids and Interpretations, Composite Charts, and more.Solar Fire Relationship Chart Example
Traditional Astrologers will enjoy the growing body of features included to enable you to explore the ancient world of astrology.Solar Fire Medieval Chart Screenshot

  • Round or square chart wheel
  • Traditional House Systems
  • Traditional Aspect Types
  • Traditional Tables include complete Essential Dignity scores and much more
  • A unique Dignities Editor
  • Traditional Planet Sets and Rulerships available, plus unlimited user-definable Arabic parts
  • Rulership Editor
  • Fixed Stars, a Fixed Star Editor and a horary page
  • Traditional Predictive Techniques and Firdaria interpretations
  • Chart and Electional Searches will find charts and time periods that have any of seven horary considerations
  • Temperament tabulation
  • View Face rulers, Terms rulers, Egyptian rulers and Nakshatras
ESOTERIC ASTROLOGERS can work with esoteric and hierarchical rulerships, ray interpretations, and the esoterically important hypothetical planet Vulcan. Solar Fire contains all the features needed by esoteric astrologers.

Solar Fire Esoteric Chart Screenshot

Solar Fire Cosmobiology Dials ScreenshotCosmobiologists, Symmetrical, and Uranian Astrologer will love the Cosmobiology Dials in Solar Fire complete with pointers, as well as the ability to do transits to midpoints and watch the midpoints transiting. Solar Fire has this style of astrology covered!
Watch the celestial sphere appear before your very eyes. Solar Fire’s Planetarium is a unique method to rediscover the ancient realm of the Fixed Stars. It also includes the text for 50 stars by Bernadette Brady.

Solar Fire Fixed Stars Planetarium Screenshot

  • 290 Major Stars are included, with coordinates, magnitude, spectral class, and in many cases keywords and interpretations. Plus, it’s easy to enter info for additional stars. You can also add black holes, quasars, etc. and link to an internet Stellarium via the Solar Fire menu
  • Fixed Stars Editor
  • Star Aspect and Paran Lists
  • Star Interpretations for 50 of the most prominent stars by star expert Bernadette Brady
  • Stars in Chart Wheels and Pages: Special extra-points rings enable you to embellish chart wheels with whatever stars you wish
  • Ephemeris Tables of Stars

Solar Fire Gold v8 now has 65 asteroid glyphs for display on your Chart. You can select various Asteroids and their glyphs for display in your Chart Wheel, or you can select all 65 asteroids that have glyphs within the Extra Ring. You can also add up to 50 astrological points to the main Solar Fire wheel!

Asteroid interpretations include both natal and transiting sign and house interps for all 7 bodies, plus natal, transiting and synastry aspect interps for Chiron.
1,081 Extra Asteroids and minor planets are also supplied with Solar Fire Gold.

Solar Fire Astromapping Relocation Screenshot

Locations Astrology is also featured with world mapping features, relocated, Johndro and Geodetic charts, and links to the comprehensive astro-locality program, Solar Maps. Features include:

  • New and improved maps; zoom in to much greater precision of coastlines and lakes.
  • Step any chart (natal, transits, progressed) through time while your astro-mapping lines are displayed on any map of the world.
  • Midpoint Astro-mapping Lines
  • Planet Aspects Astro-mapping Lines
  • Parans Lines and Reports
  • Dynamic Map Features: Transits, Progressions (Secondary & Tertiary) and Solar Arc directions against the backdrop of the natal angles.
  • Hurricane and earthquake tracking with sample data included and ability to import more from the web.
  • Retain the natal local space line directions when you relocate the chart.
  • Copy options to save image as BMP/GIF to clipboard/file or email attachment.

Vedic Astrologers can enjoy the North Indian and South Indian square charts, dasas, bhuktis, Whole Sign and Hindu Bhava Houses (Sri Pati), Lahiri, Krishnamurti and other ayanamsas. It is also possible to cast various Vedic divisional charts and to view the Nakshatras (Vedic lunar divisions) in the Solar Fire Gold tabulations which shows the Nakshatras for the current chart according to the default sidereal zodiac. The names and types of the mansions are given, as well as a few keywords describing the attributes of each mansion.

Solar Fire Vedic Chart Screenshot

Solar Fire offers comprehensive support for Vedic astrologers, including Dasas for Natal Charts and Ashtkoot Compatibility System.

Computer Requirements

Software Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 recommended.
  • Your Mac and Windows tablets running Windows 8 Pro will also run Solar Fire!

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Hardware Requirements

  • PC or compatible computer with Pentium processor (or equivalent)
  • CD or DVD drive
  • RAM depends on which version of Windows you have:
    Windows XP – 128 MB of RAM minimum – 256 MB of RAM or more recommended
    Windows Vista – 512 MB RAM minimum – 1 GB of RAM or more recommended
    Windows 7 & 8 – 1 GB RAM minimum – 2 GB of RAM or more recommended
  • About 200 MB of free disk space for a full installation
  • SVGA Screen with 800×600 pixels minimum, XGA with 1024×768 or better is recommended
  • Internet access is recommended

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Downloading Solar Fire
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Downloading Solar Fire
Please Note: The Solar Fire Gold V9 download is not available immediately. You will receive an email from Astrolabe with a link to the download page, along with your serial number and password. These emails are sent during Astrolabe’s business hours, Monday thru Friday. (Closed on holidays.) Please contact Benjamin in the unlikely event that you do not receive your email by the next business day.

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