Mutual Awakening Fridays at 11 AM in Asheville

Mutual AwakeningThe extraordinary Mutual Awakening practice is offered on Fridays, 11 am – 1:30 pm, at my home in Asheville, NC. Admission is free. Love offerings are welcome.

Mutual Awakening is a powerful spiritual opening that occurs between two or more people who have turned toward each other and become sensitively aware of the field between them. This profound level of connection brings us into a special inner world. This shared inner space is a new frontier in consciousness.

During your first experience of the Mutual Awakening Practice, you’ll sense the connection with something much bigger than yourself. You’ll open a portal to a new world of existence. You’ll no longer feel separate from the person or group you’re connecting with. You’ll know viscerally that you’re inside a magical reality together.

Love and intimacy naturally arise. You’ll experience a kind of “being in love” that’s evolutionary. It takes us beyond romantic love into “the multiple beloveds”. It’s a force that comes from the heart of the cosmos, and which brings us together in unity.

To learn more and RSVP, click here to join the Shamanic Awakening group on For now, announcements about both Mutual Awakening and Shamanic Awakening will be posted through the Shamanic Awakening meetup.


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