Manifesting, Life Purpose and Relationships: Free Online Summit!

MLPR Melissa Lilly & Benjamin Bernstein Smaller ImageYou are manifesting right now …

And usually, we’re all manifesting a mix of things we want and don’t want.

I’m really excited to share with you the specific things I do in Manifesting, Life Purpose and Relationships, a free online event I’d love you to join!

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New Three University is hosting this event. They’ve gathered an awesome group of people, many of whom I haven’t done an event with before. We dive into:

  • Law of Attraction and Raising Our Vibration with Joy and Gratitude
  • Beliefs and Creating a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Aligning with our Soul, Source and Divine Guidance

There are lots of tips that are easy to integrate, and also deep personal transformation work. All of which can help you manifest your life purpose and loving relationships.

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As an “astroshaman,” Benjamin Bernstein offers both the soul-level insights of astrology and the healing power of shamanism. Benjamin hosts iTunes' #1 astrology podcast, and was voted Western North Carolina's best astrologer three years in a row. After doing over 6000 sessions, Benjamin has fine-tuned his ability to help clients master challenge and embrace transformation. Satisfaction guaranteed, or it’s free!

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