FREE Bonus Time — Extended for the Next 10 Clients!

Bonus Time2The next 10 clients who book Astrology+ sessions in November, after this post was revised on Nov. 17, will get 25% more session time FREE!

An Astrology+ session can give you soul-level insights into soul purpose, career, relationships, spirituality, timing, relocation and more. Your Astrology+ session can also include Relocation Astrology, Awakening Activation, Shamanic Astrology and/or Shamanic Healing!

  • Book a 1-hour session, get 75 minutes. That’s 15 extra minutes, a $45 value!
  • Book a 90-minute session, get 112 minutes. That’s 22 extra minutes, a $66 value!
  • Book a 2-hour session, get 2-1/2 hours. That’s 30 extra minutes, a $90 value!
  • Book a 3-hour session, get 3 hours and 45 minutes. That’s 45 extra minutes, a $135 value!

You’re welcome to use my sliding scale with this promotion if you need it. My usual fee is $180/hour, with the slide going as low as $100/hour.

This is in addition to my “FREE AstroShaman Sessions in November” promotion, where 1 out of every 10 clients will get their full session fee refunded. That could be you!

Again, only the next 10 clients who book sessions in November after this post was revised on November 17 will get this free bonus time. I’ll delete this post once 10 clients have booked, so you still have time to grab this offer.

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